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Chemistry Help - Why ask the TA?

A lot of people struggle with chemistry.  Now that you found this site, you don't have to!  The whole subject of chemistry is actually fairly simple as a whole - it's the details that confuse people.  To avoid this confusion, it is important to always remember the big picture when you are trying to understand the details.  I would encourage you to start by taking a look at my quick explanation of the "big picture" of chemistry by clicking here.  From there, feel free to navigate around the site to find help with some of the details.  Or you could just use the google search box on the left side of every page to search the site quickly for what you are looking for.

It should be noted that I am NOT trying to create a comprehensive website that covers everything in chemistry. I am NOT trying to replace a quality chemistry text.  I am just trying to help you understand some of the more difficult concepts in chemistry. I am by no means an expert in the field - I'm just a TA that wants to help. I do my best to make sure everything posted here is correct - including reading lots of textbooks! If you notice something on the site is incorrect, please don't hesitate to contact me.

This site is still new, so if you have any suggestions for topics to cover, questions to ask, or you just found this site useful, I would love to hear from you!  Most importantly though, this site is about helping people.  I work a full time job, and can only write new articles and work on this site in my spare time.  If you have found this site useful, I hope that you will consider "paying it forward" by writing about something that you DO understand well in chemistry or by reading my TA blog..  I know that your fellow students around the world would be most appreciative.  For more details, please see the "submit your own" page.

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